Adam M. Fudickar, Ph.D.

Faculty Research Scientist (PI) - Environmental Resilience Institute & Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior

Adjunct Faculty - Department of Biology & School of Public and Environmental Affairs

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Dustin Brewer, M.S.

Research Associate, Lab Manager

Dustin has a B.S. in Wildlife Science from Purdue University and an M.S. in Biology from Eastern Kentucky University. Dustin oversees our urban wildlife project focused on, among other things, measuring the impact of light pollution on the seasonal timing of reproduction. Dustin is also involved in other projects in the lab including our work developing technology for studying wildlife and our captive studies on seasonal timing of migration and reproduction in invertebrates and birds.

Jiawei Chen


NSF REU Undergraduate, Computer Science, Indiana University

Jiawei is integral to the labs development of technology for studying animal behavior. Jiawei works closely with our collaborator in Computer Science, Dr. Geoffrey Brown, to develop technologies for logging avian movement behaviors. Jiawei has also worked in the lab to develop an automated method for studying migration behavior in captive invertebrates.

Dillon Gaughan

NSF REU Undergraduate, Department of Biology, Indiana University

Dillon is helping validate new technology for tracking animals with our collaborators in Computer Science at IU. Dillon also assists migratory bird banding at the Kent Farm Research Station and has participated in on our Dark-eyed Junco demographic study at the Mountain Lake Biological Station in the Appalachians. Dillon is currently also working on an experiment aimed at understanding the impact of variation in wintering latitude on the seasonal timing of reproduction in migratory birds.


Emma Bodnarick

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Undergraduate, Department of Biology, Indiana University

Emma is currently helping develop experiments aimed at understanding the environmental cues that determine when black cutworm (Agrotis ipsilon), an agricultural pest, migrate and reproduce. Emma will also contribute to our field project comparing daily activity and seasonal timing of reproduction of rural and urban songbirds.

Former Lab Members

Sammy Alcantara


Undergraduate, Groups Scholar, Indiana University

Sammy was involved in our study investigating how urbanization affects characteristics of the song repertoire of songbirds. Sammy helped record and analyze the songs of Song Sparrows at our urban and rural field sites. The project that Sammy worked on is ongoing. Results will be presented at the American Ornithological Society meeting in 2019.


Samuel Stratton

Undergraduate, Department of Biology & School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University

Sam was vital to the development of our work investigating the environmental cues that determine the seasonal onset of reproduction and migration in black cutworm (Agrotis ipsilon). Sam helped develop captive rearing protocols and protocols for studying migratory behavior in captive black cutworm. Sam’s final experiment tested the impact of seasonal changes in photoperiod on the annual timing of reproduction in black cutworm.